image I Know You & I Know Your Name

I know you and I know your name, I peep your hold card and you ain’t got shit. The “Most High Gods” said you not shit. I say you not shit I know your hold card. My name is Joe Blessett I got moments to make. This my journey, get yours, the “Most High Gods” gave me my gifts when I came in this world and I’m taking them with me when I leave. Fuck you I know your name and it not Satan you not right. You can get on down the road with that bullshit you selling. I not buying Fuck ego, I ain’t got that kind of money. Fuck you ain’t selling shit here! The only power you have is the power weak motherfuckers give you. Know your place, know you come before a man of power, a child of the “Most High God”

I know your name hiding in them mother fuckin corners waiting on them weak motherfuckers come on by! I know your name you can’t stand light. Motherfuckers wake up can’t see shit! You are a deceiver, hiding darkness between worlds you have no shape and you have no power. You living off what motherfuckers give. You just another motherfucker on the road. This my journey, get yours I’m an old school player, this is “Most High Gods” world. His game! Know your place! You just a want to be player, a spectator trying to catch them crumbs, it’s all in the moment. I know you don’t want me to give up, but I’m going tell the world you not shit. I know your name! I have been in darkness with you! I know your moves and I know your secrets. You are a spectator in Gods world, do what you want with it. If you got ears you better listen and if got eyes you better see. Wake up and can’t see shit! Satan is not your name you stole it from Kronos so you can come into the light. You are not the time keeper it’s just doing time in the prison the “Most High God” made for you. Satan you know the time is coming when the “Sons of Saturn” will put something on your ass and the “Water Bearer” will wash all that shit away. So gather your army from the trinity of weak minds, weak hearts and weak in spirit. Like Moses a clean spirit with dirty hands I will prepare my way for what is to come! Know your place!

 It’s all in the moment, my name is Joe Blessett I got moments to make! It’s my journey as I walk down road alone the way my father made me! I know you and I know your name! All I have to do is breath and move on to the next motherfucking moment. You can be my jackal on lease laying at my feet wishing you stayed in hell! You cannot have my gifts! Know your place! You can’t have any man or women of strong mind, spirit and heart. I know you and I know your name. Know your place! You a spectator in Gods world, hiding in them corners and dark places waiting on weak motherfuckers to come on by.

Satan you come into the light covered with nothing exposed, you can’t stand light! I like the light, when I wake up I want to see the truth! You hide in the minds of weak men and women do what you want with it. If you got ears you better hear and if you got your eyes better see! I went looking for something and I found it. Satan looks like what you need it to look like. Satan is not a she or he, it has no shape, it’s whatever you need it to be. You better step outside your reality and recognize the truth. You can’t run from him the “Most High Gods” that gave you great kingdom beyond sight of the weak. I know mistake your kingdom is covered in Darkness and populate with the weak.

The “Most High Gods” gave me great gifts when I came into this world. They are my gifts to use while I’m here and I will need them to get where you going. I’m going to leave this world and I need my invitation to get into the next. Jesus ain’t coming today, when he left this world giving of us the knowledge, power and a spirit to mold. It’s through his works and actions the invitation into Gods kingdom was given. It is your birthright; you came into this world with it. Do what you want with it. Know your worth understand the gifts the “Most High Gods” gave you. Know Your Place!

But you know this, Right?

image You want Money

People who have self respect, discipline and determination get the power. People with true power know you have to put in the work.   Power  buys money, some people got it backward. Money don't buy power, it buys the illusion of power.
image Knowing is the Way to Power
 Education level indicates potential ability, but is not success. Achievement & success is grant to the hard working creators. Knowledge is one the most useful tools to getting the power.